Terms Of Use

T.O.U for my Free Posers

Terms Of Use for my Free Posers Tubes

My terms of use are pretty straight forward and all I ask is that you please respect them.
All free poser tubes on this blog were created by me and therefore I own the copyright to them.
There can only be one copyright on a tag and that is mine if you use my poser tubes.

My copyright + Url must be placed with the tube.
If you downloaded my free poser from this blog please add my copyright + the address of this blog to your finished work. 
Please make sure that these are clearly visible and legible.

Under NO circumstances may you share my free tubes with anyone else or offer them as snags, downloads from your group/forum/website/file sharing website etc. My free poser tubes are for your own personal use.

You May create signature tags for yourself or friends.
You May create websets/background pages.
You May resize the tubes (if required) but please do not distort the image.
You May add sparkles etc.

You May Not place anything that you make with my posers on websites that promote child abuse, animal cruelty, pornography, racism or anything that is illegal.
You May Not sell anything that you make with my free posers, as anything you make with my free posers must be for non-profit.
You May Not cut up my posers (all must remain intact)
You May Not use my work with another artist's work (scrapkits are okay).
You May Not add the © symbol before your name, as there can only be one copyright on a tag and that belongs to the artist.
You May Not claim any of my posers as your own.

If any of your friends would like to use my free tubes please direct them to my blog.

** NOTE to Tutorial Writers. * *
If you wish to use any of my free poser tubes in your tutorials please email me for permission...  JackieScottishLass1@gmail.com

Note to those who do not have my permission to use my tubes.
If for some reason I have withdrawn my permission for you to use my poser tubes, please respect my wishes.

Thank you

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