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T.O.U for my Free Posers

Terms Of Use for my Posers Tubes

All poser tubes on my blog were made by me. 
if you use them you must place My copyright + Url on evereything.

My copyright + Url must be placed with the tube.


Please make sure that these are visible on your work.

you never share my free tubes with anyone else. 
my poser tubes are for your own personal use.

You May create signature tags for yourself or friends
You May create websets/background pages you can not get paid for it.

You May Not place anything that you make with my posers on websites anything that is illegal.
You May Not sell anything that you make with my free posers, as anything you make with my free posers must free.
You May Not claim any of my posers as your own.or place them on sharesite's without my name and link

if you want to make lessons with my poser tubes please email me pspangeltubes@gmail.com for approval.

please respect my wishes.

Have fun Angie

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  1. Gelezen, zo doe ik het wat vrij te gebruiken is kan de maker van een ledje zelf downloaden. Hartelijk dank voor je mooie werkjes. pdsdesingirene


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